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Bettersize attended the Pharmaceutical Powder Preparation and Characterization Technology Summit Forum in 2020

On July 23rd and 24th 2020, the Second National Pharmaceutical Powder Preparation and Characterization Technology Summit Forum, organized by China Powder Network and co-organized by Bettersize Instrument Ltd, was held in Hangzhou, China. The opening ceremony of the conference was delivered by Mr. Fu Xintao, the General Manager of China Powder Network, and Mrs. Cong Lihua, the Sales Director of Bettersize. Industry experts and business owners in the pharmaceutical field gathered together to share the experience in the application of powder engineering in the pharmacy. The latest progress and research outputs in preparing and characterizing pharmaceutical powders were shown jointly by the scholars and technicians.
Dr. Brian Li, the Technical Director of Bettersize, was invited to attend this conference and give an informative and intriguing presentation at the first morning. The relevant requirements and methods for particle size characterization in the US and Chinese Pharmacopoeias were introduced in the first place. And then common measurement approaches of particle sizing, the verification of methodologies by laser diffraction as well as the data variation caused by different methods were illustrated clearly with cases in practice. Finally, a comprehensive solution of particle size measurement to deal with the data variation was put forward in the presentation by Dr. Li. 

In addition to the on-site reports, another highlight of this conference is the exhibition part. Taking this chance, we made a grand debut with several powder characterization tools, including the Bettersizer 2600 (particle size analyzer) and the PowderPro A1 (automatic powder characteristics analyzer). In response to the current challenges encountered in the particle size controlling of APIs and excipients, Bettersize has provided practical and effective solutions for pharmaceutical companies and research institutes, which has therefore attracted tremendous attention of attendees. 
On July 24th, the pharmaceutical powder summit was successfully concluded. Bettersize took full advantage of this opportunity to communicate with the existing and potential clients in the pharmaceutical field and brought back valuable feedback. We will continue to do so in the future so as to enhance the brand awareness and influence of Bettersize consistently. Looking forward to meeting you again!
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